Internal data model

Table calcms_events

contains single events with all fields necessary for output. Some fields from other tables (project,studio) are included for performance enhancements. Some other fields like project_id, studio_id, series_id are part of other relationship tables

id int(10) unsigned unique id of the event
reference varchar(300) ID/URL of event at external calendar system, e.g. Google Calendar event ID, optional
project varchar(64) name of the project, to search by project
location varchar(100) location of the studio, to search by studio
start datetime event start
end datetime event end
series_name varchar(40) name of the series
episode int(10) unsigned number of the episode
title varchar(200) event title
user_title varchar(200) extended title, to allow role-based extention of title for users, optional
excerpt longtext short description
user_excerpt longtext extended editor excerpt, , to allow role-based extention of excerpt for users, optional
content longtext general textual description in Creole Wiki Syntax
html_content longtext general textual descriptin in HTML, generated from content
topic longtext textual description of topics in Creole Wiki Syntax, optional
html_topic longtext textual description of topics in HTML, generated from topic, optional
image varchar(200) URL of the image
media_url varchar(300) URL of the broadcast audio, optional
podcast_url varchar(300) URL of the podcast, optional
archive_url varchar(300) URL of the audio archive, optional
live tinyint(1) unsigned is the event live or preproduced
published tinyint(1) unsigned is the event published
playout tinyint(1) unsigned is the event media scheduled in playout system
archived tinyint(1) unsigned is the event archived
disable_event_sync tinyint(1) unsigned disable synchronization of the event, optional
rerun int(10) unsigned is the event a rerun
recurrence int(11) id of the rerun
comment_count int(10) unsigned number of user comments
tag_count int(10) unsigned number of assigned category tags
modified_at timestamp last modification date
modified_by varchar(20) name of the last user modification
created_at timestamp event creation date
program varchar(40) name of the program block, deprecated
rating int(11) user rating, deprecated
time_of_day varchar(40) [morning, day, evening, night], optional
status varchar(40) status of the event, deprecated
visibility varchar(40) visibility of the event, deprecated
responsible varchar(40) responsible author, deprecated
category varchar(60) event category, deprecated
category_count int(10) unsigned number of assigned categories, deprecated
start_date date date of the event start, considering starting hour of day, deprecated
end_date date date of the event end, considering starting hour of day, deprecated

Table calcms_projects

project_id int(11) unique project id
name varchar(32) name of the project
title varchar(100) title
start_date date start date of first event
end_date date end date of last event
subtitle varchar(100) project sub title
image varchar(100) URL of the project logo
email varchar(100) contact

Table calcms_studios

id int(10) unsigned unique studio id
name varchar(20) studio name
description text description of the studio
location varchar(100) location, used for event search
stream varchar(100) stream URL
google_calendar varchar(100) Google Calendar Id, optional
created_at timestamp date of creation
modified_at timestamp date of last modification

Table describe calcms_series

data related to series and templates for creating events

id int(10) unsigned unique series id
series_name varchar(100) series name
title varchar(100) template for event title
excerpt longtext template for event excerpt
content longtext template for event content in Creole Wiki Markup
html_content longtext template for event content in HTML, automatically generated
topic longtext template for event topic
program varchar(40) template for event program, deprecated
image varchar(200) template for event image URL
project varchar(64) template for event project
location varchar(100) template for event studio
modified_at timestamp last modification date
modified_by varchar(100) user modified by
category varchar(60) default category for events
created_at timestamp series creation date
assign_event_series_name varchar(100) series name to be assigned on creating events
assign_event_title varchar(100) series title to be assigned on creating events
default_duration int(10) unsigned default event duration
comment longtext internal comments on series
live tinyint(1) unsigned template for eventlive/preproduced
archive_url varchar(300) template for event archive URL
podcast_url varchar(300) template for podcast url
count_episodes tinyint(1) unsigned are episodes to be counted autoamtically
has_single_events tinyint(1) unsigned is this series a container for single events

Table calcms_series_events

Contains assignments of projects, studios, series and events

project_id id from table projects
studio_id id from table studios
series_id id from table series
event_id id from table events

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