There are following controllers.


query broadcast events with parameters

Use Cases

  • event lists
  • event details
  • search events
  • current event
  • next event, previous event
  • export data (json, xml, ical, atom feed, rss feed, free-fm)

see parameters

Event List

  • configurable lists of events
    • day list
    • week list
    • month list
    • now-playing list
    • RDS list
  • filter by:
    • date ranges
    • time range
    • weekday
    • category
    • tag

menu list

Event Details


Additional Export Views

  • search formular views for projects, series names and categories


web widget to select all events of a day

Use Cases

  • show a calendar for a given date or month.
  • calendar will hold links to a configured controller, e.g to
  • selects a date range to show all of its events.
  • time range can be given by any of from-till, single year, month, week, weekday, date or configured time span (like 'morning')
  • for customization see configuraton

Predefined Views


query comments by time or event

Use Cases

  • let users create comments on events
  • see all comments related to an event
  • newest comments list
  • newest comments feeds

Predefined Views

  • newest comments
  • Atom feed for comments

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