calcms - Configuration File
  • a configuration file contains basic settings for a view.
  • It uses the same syntax as apache http configuration files.
  • configuration file is stored at /agenda/config/config.cgi
  • make sure, the file is not accessible via web (!)
name description to be removed in coming releases
controllers map widgets to URLs
system config and debug settings
cache server and client cache settings
location directories and URLs
permissions output limits
access database settings
date date settings x

# TODO: replace with projects from database
project                 meinRadio

# widget support
    # controller base directory
    domain              /agenda/

    # customize controller URLs
    calendar            kalender
    event               sendung
    events              sendungen
    comments            kommentare
    ical                ical
    atom                atom
    rss                 rss

# widget support
    events      event_menu.html
    events      event_list.html
    events      event_details.html
    events      event_playlist.html
    events      event_playlist.txt
    events      event.ics
    events      event.atom.xml
    events      event.rss.xml
    events      event.json

    comments    comments.html
    comments    comments_newest.html
    comments    comments.xml

    config_file             /var/www/calcms/website/agenda/config/config.cgi
    log_file                /var/log/calcms/error_log
    log_debug_file          /var/log/calcms/calcms.log
    log_debug_memory_file   /var/log/calcmscalcms-mem.log
    job_log                 /var/log/calcms/jobs.log

    debug_memory            0
    debug                   0
    use_cache               0
    use_client_cache        0
    compress                0
    cache_dir               cache/
    base_url                /programm

    temp_dir            /home/radio/

    # URLs of the program page the agenda should be injected into (done by
    # this is the page containing calcms_menu, and other ids 
    source_url_http         http://localhost/programm.html
    source_url_https        https://localhost/programm.html

#    feed base url
    source_base_url         http://localhost/
    local_base_url          /agenda/
    static_files_url        /agenda_files/

    # ajax
    base_domain             http://localhost/
    base_url                /agenda/?
    base_dir                /home/calcms/website/agenda/

    # images
    local_media_dir         /var/www/calcms/website/agenda_files/media/
    local_media_url         /agenda_files/media/

    # archives
    local_archive_dir       /var/www/calcms/archive/
    local_archive_url       /archive/

    # synchronization
    sync_cms_dir            /var/www/calcms/sync_cms/

    # multi language support
    admin_pot_dir           /var/www/calcms/website/agenda/planung/pot/

    limit_now_running       5    
    result_limit            500

    # limit creating comments in days before and after start of event
    no_new_comments_before  10 
    no_new_comments_after   60

    hostname                localhost
    port                    3306
    database                calcms_test

    username                calcms_read
    password                xxx

    username_write          calcms_write
    password_write          xxx

    time_zone               Europe/Berlin
    language                de
    day_starting_hour       6


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